Here’s what some had to say in an article marking our program’s 40th anniversary:

  • It’s prepared me for college. And I became a man here.”
  • “Even though I had much uncertainty and doubt being five hours away from home at the young age of 14, in hindsight it is the best decision I have made thus far in my 23 years of living.”
  • “I owe a lot of the man that I have grown into to Clinton Senior High School and the loving people of that community.”
  • “The ABC program opened up awareness and areas for a successful career afterward. It was gratifying to go from being born and raised in a metropolitan area to experiencing life in a small town like Clinton.”
  • Going to Clinton I was introduced to so many more experiences, learning about all that college offers. I have gusto for the future.”
  • “I was put in a situation where the place, people, school setting, living arrangement and a host of other things were totally different from what I was accustomed to. Learning to navigate through all of that taught me how to handle a lot of situations that I would encounter later on in life.”

Colleges Attended by Clinton ABC Scholars

Our goal is to prepare students for college, and we’re fortunate that several members of our Board of Directors work in the admissions offices at two highly regarded colleges: Colgate University and Hamilton College. Another board member works in college counseling at a private school. These board members offer our scholars and their families an inside perspective on the college admission process and help our students find the best fit for their academic and personal interests. They also know a lot about how financial aid works, so they can make our students aware of potential scholarships and assist with the sometimes unfamiliar financial aid process.